We provide all our services through Dell and HP servers.
Our servers are located on the 'Bursa DGN' data center. Detaylı bilgiyi buraya tıklayarak kendi sitelerinden inceleyebilirsiniz.
The electrical energy transmitted to datacenter via underground cables from the central voltage power line independent of the city network, reaches ups via unshielded and physically protected transformer. In cases where mains power is cut off, redundant diesel generators in special ventilated underground produce energy. Redundant generator system runs generators in order for 8 hours of time in long-lasting power cuts and prevents possible failure situations. The electricity generated by the generator is controlled in a computer environment and the decision to switch to the other generator is automatically made. Against network generator transitions or any fluctuations in network energy, redundant UPS system monitors and filters all load online. Designed as more than 1 of the capacity requirement, in case of a failure in any of the ups, the load is transferred continuously.
Security cameras are monitored in every corner of the building which was designed specifically for datacenter needs and these images are recorded. From the point of entry and reception, all entrances and exits are provided with magnetic Security cards and unauthorized entrances are prevented and entrances are recorded to the NOC, datacenter and office departments. Smoke and gas detectors placed around the building are monitored. Fire extinguisher vehicles are placed in areas outside the datacenter area and there are emergency buttons outside the detectors in the building. In the event of a fire in datacenter, the system is protected by the FM-200 gas fire extinguishing system and the fire can be extinguished within seconds without any damage to the inside equipment.
The network line has 10 Gbit fiber uplink special to our company. Redundant fiber lines reaching from underground to datacenter are physically protected and security cameras and in-house access points are monitored. For the first time in Turkey, the Juniper brand router-the fiber lines that end on the firewall reach the network which is prepared in partnership with Juniper. In the Layer 3 datacenter network structure, all ports are reserved as V-LAN. Cat6-UTP HF cables with network cabling, internal network performance has been perfected. All fiber and copper cable bundles are used to prevent possible damage to the cables. Network traffic is monitored by the technical personnel 24/7, and in case of any failures in the servers, the first intervention is carried out by the technical team in accordance with the customer requests.
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